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[OOC] Name change.

(OOC: For use in Somarium, Ange's journal will now be storychained.)

[OOC] Voicemail

"This is Ange.  It sounds like I missed you. Leave a message if you're trying to reach me."


Video [12]

[Siiigh.] No offense to... anyone, but I think this upcoming holiday sounds a bit ridiculous. Anyone want to do something else on Monday? Something not involving all of that hype.
[Ange's clutching the Dreamberry, but she doesn't seem to notice that it's on. She looks to be the same girl as always, except for the panicked, almost hysterical expression on her face.]

D-... Dammit, Bernkastel! I don't... I don't believe that for a second! Even if you say it's the truth, Mom and Dad were...

[She sinks down against a wall, covering her head with her arms so that the view is of the top of her head.]

I'm... sorry...

Video [10]

[Ange is sitting cross-legged on the floor, located in front of one of the chair in her apartment. It is currently made of gingerbread, icing... the works. She's frowning, her eyes shut tight as she speaks.]

Come, try to remember... what form did you have?

[A gold sparkle or two appears.]

Try to remember...

[She seems unsuccessful in changing the chair back to normal. However, the word 'remember' does spark something, and she opens her eyes suddenly, looking surprised. The girl gets to her feet, picking up the Dreamberry, and chuckles lightly.]

I think it's been a little over a year since I've been here. I missed the anniversary, didn't I...?

Video [09]

[Today, Ange is walking through town, apparently going back home. She's having some trouble moving through all the snow, though.]

From what everyone's said, I think the shrine should be a plaque, or something like it, where everyone can see it... in the middle of Espoir, probably. I was thinking-

[Suddenly, with a cry of surprise and a dull ffffooom, she falls face-first in the snow. The Dreamberry does as well.

Voice [08]

[At first, there is silence. Eventually, a sigh can be heard, and then Ange speaks.]

Would anyone be interested in... a place where they could honor their loves ones who have died? A shrine, or a small monument, or something like that. I thought it might be a good idea.

Video [08]

[This morning, Ange has woken up to find herself in a sparkly, blue, magical-girl outfit. It consists of a miniskirt trimmed with white lace, knee-high boots, a cropped shirt with puffy sleeves, and glitter. Lots of glitter. It doesn't really cover all of the skin that she'd like covered, so she's blushing furiously, and looking irked.]

... This isn't my choice of costume. At all. Is this someone's idea of a joke?

Video [07]

[There's something different about Ange. She looks a little less of her usual, cynical self, and seems to be a bit more... relaxed, perhaps? In any case, she takes a deep breath of cool, autmn air, and looks at the camera.

... Wait, is that a smile?]

I love this weather. Does anyone want to... go for a walk, or something like that?


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